"New email address required. Twitter has removed the email address from your account, by request of the email owner.

Please enter a new email address where you can be reached."

The only people with access to this email (it@newtimes.ru) are IT staff of The New Times journal and none of them ever sent such request. I assume, this request was forged in order to hack the account which happened before. And I'm sure that request you got from the "owner" was missing proper email headers such as SMTP server wasn't mail.newtimes.name which is the only SMTP server I authorized to send mail for newtimes.ru domain through SPF record. Anyway, I ask you to restore this email (it@newtimes.ru) as contact email for our account (the_newtimes). Authenticity of this request can be checked through receiving an email from me using address it@newtimes.ru with all proper headers and TLS negotiating if your mail supports it. Also i published text of this very request on our website newtimes.ru/proof.htm. And also there phone number connected to the account can be used for authentication purpose.

Best regards,

Oleg Maksimov